Our Newsletter Development services are wonderful for those who don’t have the time or knowledge base to create an ongoing newsletter for their blog or business. Newsletters are important to distributing your content and creating interest within your client base or readership.

Ninja Creative Content has years of experience developing newsletters for several different publications. Whether you need a newsletter to be distributed to your clients or readers, we have you covered. With over 8 years of experience developing newsletters for ourselves and other clients, Ninja Creative Content will help you create a functional, eye-catching newsletter that can be distributed at a schedule right for your recipients to create optimal engagement.

Newsletter Development - What we do

Ninja Creative Content will create, schedule, and distribute your newsletter based on your needs.

Create a Newsletter

We will start by creating a template to use for your newsletter. This includes adding your logo, choosing a colour scheme, developing imagery and creating an introduction. Once the base template has been created, we will then add content and imagery that will resonate with your newsletter's recipients each time a new newsletter is sent.

Create a Newsletter Distribution Schedule

Ninja Creative Content will create a newsletter distribution schedule that works for the recipients of your newsletter. This will be determined by your business structure, your content schedule and more. We make sure to send out your newsletter at an optimal time.

Monitor and Test the Newsletter

Monitoring and testing your newsletter is extremely important. Looking at the analytics, how your newsletter is functioning, ensuring that it is going out on time and seeing what has interested your newsletter recipients most, is incredibly important. We will take care of all it to make sure that your newsletter is working for you!

Newsletter Development Pricing

The pricing for newsletter development highly depends on how often it will be distributed and how in-depth you want to go with its development. We offer several different packages, however, we are more than happy to create individualized Newsletter Development Packages that suit your needs.

We are dedicated to providing you with a high level of service coupled with quality, exclusive newsletters that you will be proud to call your own.

We can’t wait to work with you!

Find the Perfect Newsletter Development Package for you.

Join over 100 websites and publications that have used and loved our Newsletter Development services.


$100.00* / Month
  • 2 Newsletters Per Month
  • Basic Design including 1 image
  • Quality Content & Titles
  • Audience Building and Tracking
  • Monthly Contract Required


$200.00* / Month
  • 4 Newsletters Per Month
  • Premium Design Including 3 images
  • Quality Content & Titles
  • Audience Building and Tracking
  • Monthly Contract Required


$400.00* / Month
  • 4 Newsletters Per Month
  • Gold Design including 5+ Images
  • Quality Content & Titles
  • Audience Building and Tracking
  • Monthly Contract Required

*Prices listed in CAD

*Personalized packages available

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